Class Levels

Find out all about the amazing dance styles we teach

​​Little Bear Feet
Ages 18 months to 3 years.

A fun introduction to the world of ballet and dance. Join Melody Bear on her magical adventures each week. Each session is packed with exciting dance moves, props, mime and song. Classes are based on the EYFS and are designed to inspire children and boost confidence. Parent/carer assisted. 
Mini Ballet

Ages 3-5 (without parent/carer). 

Beginner ballet for little ones who love to move. Dancers go on an adventure each week using fun ballet steps, music and props. Imaginative classes which help to improve well being, strength and confidence.

​Beginner Ballet
Ages 6-9.

Learn basic ballet technique and express yourself through the beauty of ballet. Dance to exciting music, learn new skills and take part in dance presentations. Students may be entered for IDTA examinations (optional).

Jazz & Musical Theatre

Mini (ages 3-5) & Beginner (ages 6-9) 

Fun packed funky dances and songs from well loved musicals and pop stars, ready for a presentation at the end of the Summer and Winter terms. Learn the basics of jazz, street and lyrical techniques.

Acrobatic Dance

Mini (ages 3-5) & Beginner (ages 6-9)

Acrobatic movement is incorporated into elegant flowing routines, with impressive tricks and poses. Acrobatic dance produces inspiring performances for the dancer and audience. 

In the Mini Acro class, we work on developing strength, flexibility and basic Acro skills with fantastic funky themes to fabulous music.

In Beginners Acro, we work towards and build upon the fundamental skills of handstands, cartwheels and bridges and include them in wonderful dance sequences.