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Classical and Modern Styles 

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Children can start ballet from the age of 2 at Ruby Dance Studios.

Learn amazing ballet technique and express yourself through the beauty of ballet. Dance to exciting music, learn new skills & make memories with friends.

Ballet is a graceful and elegant art form suitable for both boys and girls. It can be soft and lyrical but also includes upbeat allegro sections with incredible jumps and leaps.

We couldn't recommend it highly enough! The team at Ruby Dance Studios believe in creating an encouraging environment for everyone to enjoy ballet.



Perfect for making noise with your feet and learning musicality! A classic showbiz style with some fantastic rhythmical combinations. Tip tap those feet to old favourites or popular songs!

Children work towards dance steps such as shuffles, timesteps, cramp rolls and wings. 

For inspiration, fantastic tap dancing can be seen in 42nd Street, Singing in The Rain, Stomp and Top Hat.


Musical Theatre

Students learn to dance, act and sing to popular musicals, such as Matilda, Mary Poppins & The Lion King! Seeing a musical at the theatre is such a treat and this class gives children the chance to be a stage superstar! 

We include much-loved drama games, scripts, entertaining vocal warm ups, songs and fabulous dance moves.


This dance style is packed full of funky dance moves to impress. Children learn a combination of jazz, street and modern steps and learn amazing dance routines to the latest songs.


Commercial dance is often performed in music videos, concerts and in films. We love it!

Acrobatic Dance (Acro)

Learn to do spectacular cartwheels, handstands, bridges, rolls & more, then put them into fantastic flowing routines. Acro is  designed for floor work, rather than using lots of equipment & works so well combined with dance for performance! 

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